Thursday, May 15, 2014


I support medical cannabis for many reasons. The main reason is religious sacrament. I'm a firm believer in the Lord. Spirituality and meditation through prayer can be an amazing stress reliever while helping to build a stronger relationship with God. Stress happens to be one of the top killers in America, so that's why I believe that religious sacrament is a form of medical use. A freedom issue as well but that's another story.

When I was a young teen I started to go through a severe depression. I would wake up sad that I made it through the night. Doctors put me on Zanex, Lexapro and Effxor. 2 made me suicidal and the other made me a zombie. I quit all of those harmful drugs by self medicating illegally with cannabis. I didn't even know smoking was medicating back then. All I knew that it was the ONLY thing that made me feel better.Thank God I did or I may not be here now. I've been on Buspurone for anxiety recently. That was some real bad stuff. I can't believe that one is even legal. It's highly addictive and comes with mood swings. Now I can not self medicate due to my job. But I'm not taking the pills anymore either. My depression has been getting better but anxiety is getting a lot worse. I believe, and know, that MMJ would help to level me out and feel somewhat normal again.

Lastly, I believe that veterinarians should be able to prescribe Cannabis as well. I have a 6 year old dog, Oddball, that has been suffering from seizures For half of his life. It's terrifying! I hope that our furry family will get the help and access that they need too.

In my opinion, It's a sin to watch people suffer, refuse to help, and then prosecute them for trying to heal themselves. We should not have to ask, beg or plead to be granted safe access to God's healing medicine that He ALREADY gave us.

Cannabis is already helping so many people all over America. But it needs to help a lot more. We all need safe access to this safe, natural medicine. Please support SB1182.

                        God Bless,
           Tim Moose

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