Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Russ Diamond for Pennsylvania’s 102nd District of Pennsylvania

If you spent any time in the Capitol Rotunda prior to the House vote on Senate Bill 3, Pennsylvania’s
proposed medical marijuana bill, you would have witnessed a large group of advocates sitting in a
makeshift waiting room to call attention to the stalling of the Compassionate Use Act.

Every time Representative Russ Diamond walked past the group of patients and their loved ones,
they would erupt in cheers. He never failed to stop by and talk with the patients and families. He
worked hard throughout this journey, but he worked exceptionally hard in the 4th quarter when we
needed him most. He fought energetically and brought those of us sitting in the gallery to tears many
times listening to how passionately he spoke on the various issues surrounding our bill. He fought to
ensure the THC content that many patients would depend on for relief, was not capped. Had the
THC cap gone through, many Pennsylvanians affected by illnesses included in the bill would have
found the program to be unworkable for their situation. Representative Diamond fought harder yet to
make sure Autism made the cut on the conditions list, much to the relief of one of his constituents.
He made history when his autism amendment was passed, making Pennsylvania the FIRST state
with a conditions list to approve medical cannabis for autistic children! Pennsylvania can now offer a
safe haven and much needed relief for families all over the country who struggle with autism on a
daily basis.

Representative Diamond is a guy that commits passionately and follows through diligently. For that,
Campaign for Compassion will forever be grateful. We enthusiastically endorse Russ Diamond for
re-election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 102nd District of