Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Senator Mike Folmer and Campaign for Compassion Ambassador, Angela Ferro, on MSNBC

Senator Mike Folmer and one of our own Ambassadors, Angela Ferro, whose son is one of the many who need medical cannabis legalized in Pennsylvania, had the opportunity to be guests on Taking the Hill with Patrick Murphy on MSNBC. We are grateful for the opportunity they had to educate even more people on the positive effects of medical cannabis and the work we are doing to bring about this life-changing medicine to the Commonwealth!


What is a CannaGram?

can-na-gram: [n. kan-uh-gram]
 1. a form of communication used to educate, advocate and support the use of medical cannabis. The name “CannaGram” is actually a play on words coined by “Anna’s Gram” Debby Bentch. And, of course, the name also combines CANNAbis and teleGRAM. As indicated at the bottom, each CannaGram honors or brings to mind a particular person or group of people.

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