Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hello my name is Andy. I was in a single engine plane crash back in 2004. I suffered numerous injuries, the worst being splitting the pelvis in half and surrounding soft tissue and organ damage. Then in 2012 I was in a head on car crash. Again major orthopedic traumas, broke both knees, both
femurs, right hip, and every rib at the sternum. I stopped counting surgeries at 100. I suffer from bipolar as a result of brain injury, PTSD, depression, and different forms of chronic pain.

I moved to PA back in 2011 from Rhode Island which is a medical Marijuana state. I found through the use of cannabis I was able to drastically reduce the use of opiate pain medications. It also slowed down the frequency of my mood swings from the bipolar. Which reduced the amount of pharmaceuticals I was taking to treat the mood swings. 

Because of PA laws I must go without, and forced to crank
up the amount of pills and the number of side effects. Even with the higher doses of pharmaceuticals I do not get the same relief as I do with cannabis. With the PTSD/bipolar combination I have numerous panic attacks each day. 

Something as simple as a lost key could send me into an attack. I am forced to use Xanax to combat them. Xanax all to often makes me zombie-like. The use of cannabis can control and stop the attacks without the zombie effect on me. If our governor has any compassion he will pass

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