Friday, May 9, 2014

I Knew A Man

I knew a man, he was a hippie in the 60's, a character taken right out of "Easy Rider", riding his Honda from Philly to Wyoming and back in a few days. I knew a man who started working at the Steel Mill at age 18 and continued working there until they shutdown. I knew a man who re-sided and re-shingled his entire house by himself in a weekend. I knew a man who was an avid RC airplane/helicopter pilot. I knew a man who watched his wife battle breast cancer and lose. I knew a man who would spend his days on his boat with his dog fishing.

I know a man who lost over 50 pounds after one bout of Chemo. I know a man who can't control his movements. I know a man who can't hook his boat trailer up. I know a man who can't cast a fishing rod. I know a man who can barely stand up straight. I know a man who can't eat more than 2 bites at dinner. I know a man who has to go to the hospital to get fluids through IV to live. I know a man who lost his will to live and is pissed at the world. I know a man who is suffering from Stage 3 non-small cell squamous lung cancer, and I can't give him the care he needs to live a better life.

This man is my father-in-law and has to live with my family because he can no longer care for himself.

I know that if I could introduce some Medical Cannabis into his diet, things would not change overnight, but I know that it would improve his quality of life.

This isn’t his just his story, this is everyone’s story. It is everyone’s right to be able to receive the best possible medicine for their ailments.

~Ryan Yeager, Bucks County

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