Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Are the 85%!

On March 3rd, Quinnipiac University polled PA residents and found that 85% were in favor 
of the legalization of medical cannabis, 
with support at 78% or higher among every partisan, gender and age group. 
Even voters over 65 years old support medical cannabis 84-14%!

 We want to remind our legislators who they work for 
and that the 85% may look different from what they had envisioned.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to participate in this video.

Thank YOU for sharing this video!


If you are having a hard time viewing the video, please visit our YouTube Channel!


  1. What a great video! Proud to be a part of the 85%!

  2. I've lost three people to cancer.A mother(grandma), father(grandpa), aunt, and now my own mom who has cancer.I wanna be a part of the 85%.No one should ever have to see what I've saw or dealt with and be able to have some life of what they have left in no pain....I support the 85% my name is Christina Rodriguez from McKeesport, Pennsylvania

  3. This was a wonderful and inspiring video! I made sure to share it! We need all people to become aware. Criminalizing medicine serves only one purpose, to oppress and abuse those who would benefit from it's use! I am proud to support and be part of the 85% campaign for compassion!!

    C.M. Phillips
    Advocate and chronic pain sufferer