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My daughter Diana started having seizures and receiving anti-seizure meds at 9 days of age. These medications are only partially successful at stopping her seizures as she still continues to have them at the age of 16. These seizures can be severe and cause her significant injuries such as requiring staples in her head on two occasions and knocking out her front teeth on two other occasions.

Her medications have debilitating side effects such as cognitive delay, regression and even insomnia. Diana’s mental progress is that of a 2 to 4 year old and she still requires assistance in nearly everything she does.

Diana_smSince starting school in 2002, Diana has missed an average of 37 days of school per year. Her inability to sleep leaves her unable to go to school the following day or, according to the notes from her teachers, Diana is lethargic and unable to participate when she does attend.

MMJ has shown a remarkable ability to control seizures, not inhibit brain development and dramatically improve the quality of life for those with seizures without any of the many negative side effects of currently available medications. Help give Diana the chance for a much better life, happiness and to be all she can be.

Update March 2014

Since the announcement of SB 1182, Diana has had a bumpy road of seizures. She had a seizure that landed her from the dining room chair flat on to her face and then to the emergency room. This fall caused the inside of her lip to be severed and required it to be reattached. On the way to the hospital, I had to hope and pray that she did not chew off her lip and eat it before it could be reattached - what a horrible feeling!

During school hours they have had to give her emergency medication at least two times a month requiring me to go pick her up from school.

On the last weekend in February I had to have a friend come to help get Diana out of the tub because of her seizure clusters which made her fall asleep in the tub. Seizures in the tub are a particular concern because of her size and the damage that can occur with the very hard surfaces that surround her as well as the possibility of her getting mouthfuls of water and choking.

In mid March, Diana will again be having surgury to have her VNS replaced!

No child should have to suffer like this when there is the potential of so much improvement from the use of a relatively benign but much misunderstood and stigmatized herb.

-Louann Stanley

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