Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Upadate on Jackson

Since the committee hearing on SB1182, Jackson has suffered at least 15 tonic clonic seizures. One episode lasted so long (over 15 minutes) that we had to call an ambulance after administering his rescue medication. Jack had extremely labored breathing during this episode and it was terrifying for his twin brother who was home at the time. Jack has missed 9 days of school in the past six weeks due to seizure clusters. He fell in the driveway and hit his head while waiting for the school bus during a drop seizure just today. During a recent visit with Jacks neurologist we reviewed the results of an ambulatory EEG done earlier this month, it is decidedly the same or worse from the last EEG even after the addition of two new medications (Onfi and Vimpat). We have begun a taper of Dilantin (another one of his 5 medications) as Jacks liver enzymes and continued problems with cognition are concerning our neurologist. The last time we tried to taper this medication is when Jack suffered the seizure that took away his ability to speak. We have also started to look into and try alternative (legal) medications Fish oil, vitamin B6 and Frankincense Oil. We are considering starting Jackson on an Alzheimer’s medication at his neurologists suggestion to help with his continued cognition delay. At his next appointment (if the Dilantin taper goes well) we will schedule a VEEG to help us decide if Jackson is now a candidate for brain surgery (he was not a candidate previously due to the erratic nature of his epilepsy.)

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