Friday, April 22, 2016

Expressions of Gratitude: Representative Brian Sims

When Senate Bill 3 (now known as act 16) finally passed the Pennsylvania legislature earlier this month, our community celebrated with cheers, a few tears and a renewed hope for the future of Pennsylvania. While we know that there is still much work to be done on this issue, we were finally able to take a step back and reflect on how far we have come as a state and as a community. We have celebrated some huge wins and felt heart crushing defeat. We have endured hours of painful testimony against our bill and have been lifted up by our supporters' eloquent and passionate pleas time and time again. When you are sitting in a crowded gallery, many times with a seizing, tired child on your lap, you live for those moments.  As soon as an unsupportive legislator FINALLY takes a seat, after sucking the hope out of the room, you see one of your heroes walk up to the podium with confidence and grace, bringing with him a breath of fresh air. Representative Brian Sims is one of those heroes. Intelligent, articulate and kind, it was with compassion (and sometimes a little humor) he made our fight just a little bit easier.

"[There is] no metric to measure the smile on a child's face 
when they can go a day without a seizure." 
- Representative Sims speaking in support of SB3
So today, Campaign 4 Compassion wants to thank Representative Brian Sims for being a true leader on this issue. This is for you sir...

Rep Kevin Schreiber, Governor Tom Wolf, Rep Brian Sims, 3 of Campaign 4 Compassions heroes all in one shot!
There are moments in every battle when you just want to give up, walk away and never look back. It is in these moments that people like you are the most important. You are the kind of representative that inspires people to take charge of the situation and make the world a better place. You always had a minute to listen to our struggle and in our darkest times, words of encouragement to keep us on track. We can’t thank you enough for your support and passion. We just can’t wait to see what your future holds sir, you deserve the best!

~Campaign 4 Compassion team

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