Monday, January 19, 2015

We Turned a Few Heads!

The Farm Show:

Our booth at the 2015 PA Farm Show was a huge success! Again, a big thank you to Suri Farm for the booth donation, and for staffing the space every day, putting in extremely long hours to make sure our message was heard. Also, an enthusiastic thank you to Mary Pat Tomei and Thomas Perko along with the help of Outreach Media for help on our fantastic brochures and signage, and to Senators Folmer and Leach for providing staff to help and for being there to speak to passers by. And of course, all of our love and appreciation for all of the advocates that stepped up and helped this week!

Our words were well received by most of the Farm Show attendees. It was a great feeling being able to reach out to many of the 130,000 Pennsylvanians who visited this year. We were aware going into this venture that our work there would not necessarily determine whether Senate Bill 3 passes, however, we never pass up the opportunity to educate our fellow citizens on the benefits of medical cannabis. It is our responsibility to not only lobby for the expedition of this life saving legislation, but to continue to chip away at the stigmas and irrational fears associated with this amazing medicine. The only way to do that is to (in the words of Senator Folmer) "Educate, educate, educate."! 

Senate Bill 3:

Last year the push for a medical marijuana (cannabis) program in Pennsylvania made historic advances. The proposed bill was unanimously voted out of the Senate Law & Justice Committee and then passed out of the Senate with a 43 to 7 vote. With little time left in the session, the bill stalled when no action was taken in the House.

This year the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act will be reintroduced in both the Senate and the House with a renewed effort to establish a regulated medical cannabis program. Under the proposed legislation, sick and suffering patients will be able to obtain cannabis, or a derivative product of the plant, through a regulated system that would grow, process and distribute unadulterated cannabis products that are free of contaminants and of known potency and consistency. Patients, along with their medical professionals, would decide not only if medical cannabis is an appropriate option for their medical needs, but what form to use and how to administer it.

The Pamphlet:

We had the opportunity to distribute over 4,000 pamphlets, which summarizes the history of medical cannabis, its value as a treatment option, and how a regulated medical cannabis program would benefit the citizens of PA. If you were not able to attend the Farm Show or missed our booth, you still have the opportunity to read and share this great resource! Below is the link to the online version of the pamphlet. Please take time to educate yourself and spread the word by sharing this post!

View Online Now
“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected 
are as outraged as those who are.” -Ben Franklin

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