Monday, January 26, 2015


Campaign for Compassion is a grassroots organization advocating for the compassionate use of cannabis for medical reasons. Our organization is made up of caregivers and patients who live outside the scope of modern medicine. For us, and our loved ones, there are no viable medical options left. Cannabis has shown promise for a number of different ailments either by alleviating symptoms of disease or improving quality of life.

Our mission has always been to educate, educate, educate! There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to cannabis. We aim to dispel those myths and to separate fact from fiction. This maligned plant has been steeped in the historical mistruths and propaganda for far too long and this has caused much suffering to continue.

Our team has been working to provide facts and information to Pennsylvania legislatures and residents. Below, you will find links to several "CANNAFACTS". We hope many question are answered, however, if you would like more information, we encourage you to explore our website or e-mail us at 
"CANNAFACTS" [Kan-uh-fakts] 
n. a facsimile of facts about cannabis that addresses different topics of interest 
in regards to the research, laws and history of this plant.

The History




Senate Bill 3



Medical Cannabis Pamphlet
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