Thursday, May 12, 2016


To more effectively develop and administer the medical marijuana (mmj) program, the PA Department of Health is currently recruiting to hire a Director for the newly formed Bureau of Medical Marijuana. The person in this position will “build and oversee this new program”. You can read the job description for specific information on the position at this link.

Something to note in the job description is the repeated reference to working with and considering the needs of patients, caregivers and other supporters. By design, things are being set up to be transparent and to keep the patients and advocates in the loop and part of the process. To do our part to help establish the best program we need to stay current on developments in the process and offer our advice and assistant where possible. As things move forward, networks will be put in place by the Director to allow for comments, to offer testimony and otherwise get involved.

Though it will take some time to hire the Director and get them settled in, that does not mean that nothing happens until then. Currently a team from the Governor's office is coordinating the development of the mmj program with the help and guidance of a newly hired consultant who has experience setting up a state mmj program. They are working on the timeline for the roll-out of the temporary regulations and reviewing the best practices from other states. They are also seeking and getting input from a number of concerned parties.

Finally, remember that we are truly blessed to be working with the Wolf administration, which has always been extremely supportive.


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