Monday, October 5, 2015

Having Faith

Faith is something that can be hard to come by these days in the fight for medical cannabis in Pa. We have fought so hard for what seems like an eternity yet still we don’t have a bill passed. We hear from inside the Capitol, read newspaper articles and watch TV news stories and the only clear message we get is that there is still no clear path to the finish line.

A small group of House members has been tasked with working through medical cannabis legislation to ensure it is “palatable” to the rest of the House. Unfortunately, while this task force works through issues that have already been vetted in the Senate, the people of the Commonwealth who need it most are still left wondering when this will be the year they will get the relief they have been waiting for.

Just a few days ago the task force released their recommendations for a medical cannabis bill in Pa. Several members from the task force requested input from Campaign for Compassion. Throughout the process of putting those recommendations together, we worked diligently to give them suggestions that were reasonable and patient focused. We were pleased to see that some of our ideas were included. Sadly, some were not. Perfect is the last word I would use to describe the list of recommendations, BUT they are just that, a list of recommendations. A jumping off point, nothing has been carved in stone. Still, with all this being said, I have to feel grateful that we have a handful of Reps that are truly dedicated to making medical cannabis a reality in Pa.

So, call me na├»ve. Call me overly optimistic. Call me crazy! But, I have FAITH that this will be our year!! We have more support than ever before. Not just “boots on the ground” support but men and women inside the walls of the Capitol building that want this to happen. They are truly in our corner. They have come to know us and our families by name. They recognize our voices when we call their offices. We have come to learn that many of them have reasons themselves to want this legislation to pass, quickly.

There are still those who oppose us, don’t get me wrong, but that number is growing ever fewer and their voices ever softer. Truth and right will always prevail in the end. Herein lies my ability to have faith. It’s not always easy and it’s not always fun but it’s always necessary.

To those who give us a reason to keep having faith, thank you!

Faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes them possible. – Luke 1:37

~Dana Ulrich

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