Friday, July 10, 2015

Faces of the Fight - Our Gal - MP Tomei

On November 18th, 2013, roughly 150 medical cannabis advocates gathered in the rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol. This wasn’t the first time that this sort of assembly had been gathered there. But it was the first time the crowd was comprised mostly of parents with sick children.

We weren’t Campaign for Compassion yet, but we were the seed from which C4C was grown. The day’s events were a rush of excitement, zipping through the halls of this magnificent building. We held a rally, a press conference, a presentation, and several meetings. But by far, the most memorable moment for me that day was the swift walk to the Media Center, where Senator Daylin Leach would be speaking on his plans for bipartisan Medical Cannabis legislation, with Senator Mike Folmer.

I will never forget the petite, bubbly lady in the cute black dress and pearls who walked along with me, chatting. I must admit, I had no idea who she was, but I knew I liked her. She gave me her business card, and the next day when I dug it out of my purse, I realized she worked for Senator Leach. I forget who called who, or how long exactly we were on the phone for, but I can tell you with absolute certainty, that one of the reasons our cause has advanced is that she has been with us ever since that day.

There are many advocates that have dedicated themselves to the mission to legalize Medical Cannabis in the Commonwealth, we appreciate each one. But today, we want to take a few moments to recognize Mary Pat Tomei, or “MP”. MP has counseled us, encouraged us, cried for us, given up nights and weekends for us, and done it all with a lot of class and a fabulous sense of humor. We probably don’t thank her nearly enough, so without further ado, MP is hereby named our first “Face of the Fight”.

Of course, this honor comes with no trophy, no medals, not even a certificate. But what it does carry is the hope and gratitude of thousands of ill Pennsylvanians, who will forever be indebted to our gal, Mary Pat Tomei.

"MP "She's Petite but Mighty" We are blessed to have her in our fight for MMJ4PA!" - Diana Briggs

"Before actually having the opportunity to meet MP, she sent me a heartfelt email regarding her support for medical cannabis.  I have been in awe of her ongoing fight in this cause.  I am beyond grateful for her guidance, support and tremendous friendship."  - Christine Brann

"Every movement needs that one person, that person who organizes, uplifts, keeps you on track, is your biggest cheerleader and stays with you every step of the way...not because they have to but because they want to. They do it out of love and compassion. No movement can exist without these people and for us, that has been our beloved Mary Pat Tomei, or MP as we like to call her. Thanks for always being there for us MP. Much love <3 " - Deena Kenney

"MP has devoted HOURS and HOURS and blood, sweat and tears to this cause. Not because she needs access....but rather she has gotten to know children, as well as adults, that are in need of safe access. She is one of the most honest, hardworking and compassionate people I know and I feel blessed to be fighting this fight along side of her." - Angela Sharrer

"MP is such a sweet, cute and classy lady with a twist. She has been a true inspiration and blessing to have in our life.  Her compassion and dedication to our cause continues to give us hope and faith that our loved ones will soon have a chance at a better quality of life." - Heather Shuker
"It is so refreshing to see first hand, the dedication and commitment shown by MP to helping the sickest and most desperate among us by working tirelessly to improve our cannabis laws and correct the great injustice that was foisted upon us many years ago. I am thankful she is among the ranks of public servants who are making a positive difference in our lives. And on a personal level she is one of the nicest people I've ever met." - Luke Shultz

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