Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cannabis transformed and saved her if only it were legal

In 1990, Rita had surgery to repair three discs in her back. She then spent almost three years in a wheelchair doing rehabilitation. Steroids were shot into her spine, but it leaked and steroid medication settled on the base of her brain, causing a headache for a month until a blood patch could be performed. This involved combining her blood with chemicals and inserting them into her spine to seal the leak. The steroids caused her to balloon from 98 to 140 pounds within four days.

She needed Lasix to counteract swelling because her lungs were filling up. She's had lung problems ever since; including COPD, emphysema with chronic bronchitis, asthma and a sensitivity to mold and chemicals. The pain meds she was placed on, like Soma, Tylenol with codeine and others, are very addictive and of great concern. She also has persistent cysts in her colon and suffers from IBS.

Rita started having more frequent daytime seizures in mid 2000. One day while working on her deck she had a seizure and fell 13 feet, crushing her left arm. Her fingers were at her elbow. She re-injured her back and neck as well as receiving a concussion. Her arm was surgically repaired but her fingers stayed clutched in a fist. Around 2003 she was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea with nocturnal seizures. The sleep specialist immediately sent her to a neurologist who ordered testing which came back positive for brain plaque on both sides of the brain, and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

In 2011, while cleaning her property from damage caused by hurricane Lee, Rita tried to pull the well pump out of the well and felt very dizzy. She went inside and the next thing she knew she was in a dark place with some kind of screens with writing on them and whirling sounds. Her feet were hooked to the ceiling and she was hanging almost upside down. Someone was telling her to swallow because they were trying to incubate her. It was so dark and noisy, she didn't know what was happening. Rita was in a helicopter on her way to the hospital. She was in respiratory arrest. When she got home from the hospital she was unable to completely care for herself so she relocated.

Having heard of the healing properties and potential of cannabis therapy, Rita wanted to try it for her health issues. Unfortunately, her husband, who was in the medical profession, worried about his reputation and did not want her to use that type of treatment at their home. She moved to their secluded summer home to begin treatment.

Her first dose of cannabis oil allowed her to sleep so soundly that for the first time she actually felt rested in the morning. She slept for 7.5 hours, which was unheard of for her. People who spoke to her after that first dose didn't recognize her and thought someone was playing a joke, because for the longest time her voice was gravelly and breathless.

She no longer woke up hypoxic, which reduced her risk of cancer immensely. Her hand started to relax out of it's grip and she was finally able to start working with it. Her congestion was lessening and she was able to expectorate without getting sick to her stomach or have her hernia pop out. Her color was coming back and her skin was showing signs of hydration. Her headaches lessened and her thoughts became clear. She felt less sluggish and gained an appetite and some weight.

Cannabis has transformed and saved her life. Now if only it was legal.

~Author Credit: Erica McBride (Edited/Condensed)

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