Friday, March 27, 2015

A Walk in the Woods...With a Rope and a Joint

My name is Luke, I am a life long resident born and raised in southwest PA and I owe my life to the wonderful plant that is cannabis. It was approximately 5 years ago now when I was just 24 years old, I fell into a slump of depression. A depression that consumed me in a world of dark ugly chaos, to the point I wanted to opt-out on life all together. Friends and classmates were passing away one after another, I lost my job of nearly 7 years due to a failing economy, struggling to keep a roof over my head and food on my table and my relationship with my then fiancée was crumbling before my very eyes.

I felt alone and did not seek treatment for myself, I felt as though nobody cared. Instead I found a rope and took a walk into the woods, though it wasn't all I took on my walk. I also took with me a "joint" or a marijuana cigarette. Thinking it would relax me and make what I was planning easier, but I was wrong, it ultimately saved me.

I sat down on a log and smoked that "joint" by myself a top that wooded hill side and something unexpected happened. The dark storm cloud of emotions and thoughts consuming me in chaos and despair began to clear. I was able to think straight and find a resolve within myself. I was able to see the simplified beauty in the complex world around me for what it was, shear undeniable beauty. The birds chirping, wild flowers blooming, the cool brisk mountain air making the tree tops sway, I was filled not only with a new found desire to live but an understanding for what really matters in life, I found my inner peace, my tranquility, my light through the darkness. Cannabis helped me to see that light, it aided me to save my own life from my inner demons and it could do the same for others who battle with their own depression.

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