Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hope on the Horizon November 4th

Caring for a loved one with a chronic and debilitating illness is an extremely difficult path to go down. All of your time and attention is focused on keeping them alive. Unfortunately, on top of that over the past year we have had to lobby legislators including Governor Corbett to allow our children, parents, siblings, and grandparents compassionate use of medical cannabis. Instead of Governor Corbett sensing the urgent need for safe access and expediting Senate Bill 1182 there were numerous road blocks along the way. Sadly, as this session comes to a close we can only stand by and watch the bill, that held the sole hope for so many, die in the House judiciary committee. Some caregivers have been tirelessly working for safe access since Governor Corbett first took office, and we believe four years is too long to wait on someone's compassion. We are exhausted, but we would never dream of giving up. We do not know what each day will bring or how our loved ones disease will progress, and we did not think there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Fortunately, Tom Wolf agreed to meet with many of the families seeking safe access, and he concurred there is no time to waste in regards to getting a medical cannabis program established here in Pennsylvania. As early into the race as March he said "On medical marijuana, what is motivating me is people I know with children with diseases that could be treated with medical marijuana. My goal is to create a system where they don’t feel like they have to go to another state to make their child whole".

Thankfully Tom Wolf not only recognizes the urgency of this for all patients, but also the potential of medical cannabis to end suffering for so many. What he may not realize is how he has become a beacon of light and hope for these families. We cannot thank him enough for sitting down with multiple members of our group and listening to us and promising to work quickly on establishing a medical cannabis program. Campaign for Compassion could not be more proud to join the long list of supporters for Tom Wolf for Governor. We are not only counting on him, but you as well. We need everyone who reads this to get out to the polls on November 4th and vote him in as our next Governor for all of the Pennsylvanians suffering every day. We are confident Tom Wolf will do what is right for all the sick and suffering and what is right for Pennsylvania. As the Harrisburg newspaper said in their endorsement, "Pennsylvania needs a leader who will pursue opportunity for all, and that leader is Tom Wolf".

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