Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Open Door

On behalf of Campaign for Compassion we wanted to take a minute to thank Congressman Perry for his proposal this morning: calling on congress to remove therapeutic hemp oils from the Controlled Substances Act. We sincerely hope this measure helps many patients across the country, as time is not a luxury many of them have. 

With 23 states having Medical Marijuana programs passed and being implemented, many more states with pending legislation, and a federal bill now introduced, we are hopeful that this small step will reinforce the fact that cannabis IS indeed medicine and should be available to all in need. We pray that this measure will serve as an example to other members of congress and we anxiously await federal support for a more inclusive, well-rounded piece of legislation to be introduced

Congressman Perry was a House Representative in Pennsylvania before he moved on to his congressional seat. We like to think that our House members will follow the lead of their peer and support life-saving laws, such as SB1182, the Compassionate Use of Cannabis Act. We stand firm in our commitment to bring about passage of more comprehensive legislation in the Commonwealth via SB1182. Just as you would never build a house with only one door, patients and their doctors should have the option to choose from more than one strain of this life-saving medicine. SB1182 remains our hope, our drive and our inspiration. We look forward to the implementation of the Compassionate Use Act in Pennsylvania so that we have a myriad of strains to choose from according to each individual patient's need.

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